Advisors to the President's Administrative Council

The Advisors to the President’s Administrative Council (APAC) is fundamentally the advisory and implementation arm of the President’s Administrative Council. It is conceptualized as the president’s “extended” administrative council for university leadership. Its membership consists of deans, senior directors and administrators, most of whom are direct reports to PAC members. The APAC meetings include the PAC members. From a historical standpoint, APAC has continuity with the previous University Planning Group (UPG) and has been strengthened in that the president is an active member of APAC, facilitating regular conversation and direct communication.

In general, APAC exists to provide regular points of conversation with PAC, and serves as an advising group to the president and PAC. Members provide feedback to PAC on the University Plan objectives, measures and strategic projects, and help to formalize the broad implementation of University Plan decisions made by the PAC.

Essentially, this council links the educational and administrative work of the university more closely to the PAC. Feedback and implementation are the two essential functions for this group. In addition to advising on the University Plan, APAC plays a central role in identifying kinks in the system and examining “Efficiencies with Excellence.”

APAC consists of the following members:

André Stephens, Senior Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Brian Miller, Senior Director of University Communications and Marketing, Brand Marketing and Creative Production
Brian Phillips, Senior Director of Facilities Management
Carrie Stockton, Senior Director of Academic Advising and Student Retention
Cassandra Van Zandt, Associate Provost for Core Curriculum
Clark Campbell, Dean, Rosemead School of Psychology
Clint Arnold, Dean, Talbot School of Theology
Danny Paschall, Dean of Students
David Shynn, Director of University Planning
Deborah Taylor, Dean of University Effectiveness
Dennis Dirks, Former Dean, Talbot School of Theology
Don Sims, Senior Director of Auxiliary Services
Doretha O’Quinn, Vice Provost of Multi-Ethnic and Cross-Cultural Engagement
Frederick Cardoza, Chair, Department of Christian Education
Gary Wytcherley, Project Director, WASC Accreditation
Jason Brunt, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Faculty Council Chair
Jerry Mackey, University Legal Counsel
June Hetzel, Dean, School of Education
Ken Gilson, Dean of Academic Records and Institutional Research
Mark Miles, Senior Director of Development
Patricia Pike, Vice Provost for Academic Administration
Rick Bee, Senior Director of Alumni and Friends
Ron Mooradian, Senior Director of Human Resources
Sandie Weaver, Senior Director of Financial Planning and Operations
Shelly Cunningham, Director of Faculty Development
Steve Earle, Senior Director of Information Technology
Todd Pickett, Dean of Spiritual Development
Walt Stangl, Dean of Sciences and Health