Spring 2012, Issue #16

May 14, 2012

Facing Summer Without a Job

Try as one might, scoring a job for three short months in the summer can elude many college students hoping to build up their savings and their resume. With only two weeks left in the academic year, those without a secure job plan may wonder if their summer break will be a complete wash. So what’s a college student to do?

Well, one answer is to keep looking for opportunities. A quick perusal of Biola’s Career Development website shows there are still employers looking to hire for the summer and a good number of career fairs still taking place. However, if a paying job just isn’t happening, there are plenty of things a student could be doing this summer to make themselves more marketable and career ready for the future.

  •     Volunteer. Non-profit groups are always looking for additional hands and brains. Offering ones time and talent is a great way to sharpen skills, learn about an organization, network with new people, and demonstrate to a potential future employer ones dependability and resourcefulness. In addition, volunteering provides the experience one needs to further determine ones strengths and interests.
  •     Enroll in an online class. There are so many opportunities for taking college courses via the web. In fact Biola is offering two summer sessions with options in Bible, general studies, journalism, and history. There are also a large number of community colleges offering online courses and applying is fairly quick and easy. It is important, however, that your student is following their academic plan as well as checking to see which classes are pre-approved to transfer to Biola.
  •     Sharpen your resume. To be as nimble as possible to respond to new opportunities, your student needs to have a resume that is polished and ready. There is no better time to give it some good attention than in between jobs. Again, Biola’s Career Development Center offers great resources for writing a resume that will get a reader’s attention. Your student can even ask a Career Development staff member to proof and critique their resume. This is a valuable service that all students can use with no additional fees.
  •     Join LinkedIn. There’s a general misconception that LinkedIn is just another social website like Facebook. It’s not. LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for networking and getting ones resume “out there.” For job seekers, it’s particularly useful for being able to be introduced to new companies and potential employers via common contacts. LinkedIn can import ones resume, provide direction in marketing oneself and communicate job openings that appear to be a good match with ones experience and education.
  •     Apply for internships for fall or spring 2013. It may seem too early, but it’s not, especially for the more popular internship opportunities. With how competitive the job market has been and will continue to be for a while, working at least one internship during college is a must, even if it doesn’t pay. The experience and practical knowledge gained will benefit your student. In fact, one internship can often lead to a second, which can lead to a job following graduation. It happened for my son just like that.

As frustrating and disappointing as it can be to search and search for a job with no results, the summer does not have to be a total waste. Encourage your student to use their time this summer wisely. They will have far more time and mental space to sharpen their resume and skills than they will when classes start up again in the fall.

With you in the journey,

Colleen Heykoop

Spring 2012 Issue of Biola Magazine

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Biola Digital Ministry Conference

The Biola Digital Ministry Conference is designed to empower individuals with the vision, knowledge, and relationships necessary to be thoughtful designers, developers, and practitioners of digital technologies for the cause of Christ.

This year's theme is "The disruptive nature of digital" with breakout sessions that focus on three key topics: theology, strategy, and technology.

Visit the conference website to get event and registration information. http://events.biola.edu/bioladigital/

Leaving a Car on Campus

Vehicles may not be stored on campus property without prior written approval from Campus Safety. Students wishing to store a vehicle on campus must:

1.      Display a current parking permit,

2.      Sign a release of liability form, and

3.      Leave a set of keys with Campus Safety so that the vehicle may be moved if Facilities Services projects or emergencies require it.

All bikes must be removed from racks on campus, with the exception of bikes belonging to summer residents. Bikes belonging to summer residents must be registered with Campus Safety.

If your student is planning on leaving a car or bicycle on campus over the summer, encourage them to visit the Campus Safety office located behind the Café or by calling (562) 903-4877.

Chapel Make-ups

The final chapel for the semester will be Friday, May 19. Students should remember that the portion of chapel attendance (15 sessions and 4 conference sessions) which is allowed to be made up through audio recordings, is due by June 1st. Even students who will be moving home for the summer have to make sure their make-ups arrive by June 1st.

Click here to learn more about chapel policies and make-ups. 


University chapels and conferences are intended to bring the Biola community together regularly for worship, spiritual nurture and education regarding relevant issues facing us in our lives. The overall program brings a unique distinction to the ethos of Biola as a Christian university. Due to the central and significant nature of that ethos, attendance at chapel is required of all students. Chapel and conference sessions are viewed in the same light as required academic classes. Additional info on Chapel requirements and policies can be found here

Monday, May 14
In This Place Series
Todd Pickett- Spiritual Development

Tuesday, May 15
Talbot Chapel
Talbot Awards Chapel

Wednesday, May 16
Festival of Song
Biola Conservatory of Music

Thursday, May 17
Reconciliation Chapel
Spoken Word Poetry

Friday, May 18
Offerings- A Worship Chapel

Chapels will not be offered during finals week.

Click here  to view the complete schedule online. Watch Biola chapels on YouTube and iTunesU.

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