Spring 2009, Issue #10

Apr 9, 2009

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  1. Greeting
  2. Next year's dates
  3. Career Services
  4. Easter Break
  5. Debate DVD
  6. Spiritual Life: Survival Sacks
  7. Care Packages
  8. Chapel


Spring Break here at Biola officially begins tomorrow with the observance of Good Friday.  The break has come none too soon for many students whose proverbial tanks are past empty.  The unique thing about this year’s spring break is that when students return from break on April 20th there are only four more weeks of class before finals begin. That means for many of your students, graduation is just around the corner!

For those of you whose families are getting ready to celebrate your student’s graduation, there are a few things we wanted to make sure you were aware of, so that this special time goes as smoothly as possible.  (If your student is still a few years away from graduation these are still some good things to keep in mind for the future.) 

1. Keep your student’s needs in mind.
This may seem like an unnecessary point to make, but like any special occasion it is important to make sure everyone’s expectations are clear.  Often families arrive a few days early, excited and ready to celebrate, but find the graduate to be less than thrilled at their intrusion.  Keep in mind that for many students the week before graduation feels like their last chance to be with their friends, their last chance to make that middle of the night run to Molcha Salsa, and for some their last chance to get that grade on the final that they so desperately need.  Allow for compromise regarding your student’s availability and do not take their distraction with other events personally.

2. Be prepared for your student to not be prepared.
If the graduation festivities are going to include moving your student out of their current dorm or apartment, be prepared for them to have made no preparations for the move.  Often they have literally not had the time, and for some the symbolic weight of what it is to pack up their college lives becomes a little overwhelming.  This “chore” is often a good activity for parents or siblings who want to be supportive and present for their student, while still allowing the student to tend to the academic and relational aspects of this special time.

3. Know your facts.
Date: Saturday, May 23, 2009
Time: 9:00 a.m.
Location: Metzger Lawn

Students are required to attend a mandatory rehearsal Friday the 22nd at 10:00 a.m. Guests are able to park in any of the parking lots throughout campus. However, parking is limited. Handicapped parking is available in Sutherland parking Lot B. There is NO reserved seating or tickets for the graduates' guests. All seating is available on a first come, first served basis. Please do NOT save seats. Guests are encouraged to arrive by 7:00 - 7:30 a.m. for the Undergraduate ceremony. There is special seating for guests using wheelchairs and accommodations for the deaf at the ceremony. Overflow seating is available in Crowell Hall where the ceremonies will be shown in an air-conditioned facility via live video feed. Commencement Flowers of Carlsbad will have arrangements available for sale before and after commencement, prices ranging from $8 - $25. Photos and video of the day can also be purchased, see the commencement site for more info.

4. Make hotel and dining arrangements now.
There are some great hotels near campus, visit our listing of local accommodations for more information.  Many hotels also have banquet rooms available to rent for small parties.  You may also contact our office for a list of restaurants in the area that are great for groups and celebrations.

Blessings to you and your family this Easter Weekend!

Mallory Rae
Service Coordinator
Parent Relations


Next Year's Dates

Mark your calendars for these important dates next year:
August 22: Students may return to dorms
August 26: Fall 2009 classes begin
October 9-11: Parent Weekend 2009
December 18: Midyear Commencement

Visit the 2009-2010 Academic Calendar for more information.

Career Services- Internship & Career Expo – April 23rd

Please note April 23rd on your calendar, a day that shouldn’t be missed. April 23rd is Biola’s Internship and Career Expo where students, alumni and employers gather together in one place to discuss internships and jobs.

Job seekers must be fully prepared to compete in the current job market. The job search process should be occurring now, that is if a position is not already secured. A professional resume, cover letter, and quality references are a vital prerequisite for success. It typically takes six to twelve months to land a professional level job.

Freshman, sophomores, and juniors should be attending the Expo as one of the ways to obtain internships. Employers expect multiple relevant internships or work experiences in order to be considered as a serious job candidate.

Students can prepare for the Expo by visiting Career Services or attending one of the upcoming workshops:

April 20
How to Write a Resume
1-2:30pm OR 6:30-8pm
AS Conference Room

April 21
Resume Clinic
SUB Walkway

Expo Prep 101
AS Conference Room

If your business or organization would like to participate in the Expo as an employer, please visit www.biola.edu/career/events or contact Tiffany Lee, tiffany.lee@biola.edu, for more information.


Easter Break

Easter Break begins with Good Friday, April 10, and continues through Sunday, April 19.  Classes resume as normal on Monday, April 20.  Residence Halls will remain open during the break, but dining services will be limited.


Debate DVD

Last Saturday night Biola had the privilege of hosting a "Does God Exist" debate between renowned theologian, William Lane Craig and devoted atheist, Christopher Hitchens. DVD copies of the event are available through the Biola Christian Apologetics department. You may also read a recap of the evenings proceedings here.


Spiritual Life: Survival Sacks

It's that time of year again, the department of Spiritual Life (Student Ministries) is beginning their "Survival Sack" sales. This Survival Sack will contain a plentiful assortment of fresh fruit, popcorn, sugarless gum, granola bars and various snacks and candy. Your personal note of encouragement will be attached.

This service to parents and students is the primary way Spiritual Life raises support for their ministry efforts.You can encourage and bless your son or daughter during this intensive time of finals week and have a part in fulfilling this important vision through participating in our Survival Sack project.

The packages and encouragement notes will be delivered on Friday, May 15th.  Orders must be placed before Wednesday, May 13th. 

Order by calling (562) 903-4754 or by e-mailing spiritual.life@biola.edu

Please Provide:

  • name of person on the credit card
  • billing address of the credit card
  • phone number of parent on the credit card 
  • credit card # (Mastercard, Visa, &  Discover)
  • expiration date on the card
  • amount donating ($5 is taken off this amount for the cost of each bag ordered)
         $100            $50                        $25                        $_______Other 
  • student (s) name (s),
  • dorm/room # or students phone # if they do not live on campus or in the campus apartments
  • a little note of encouragement to the student(s)


Care Packages

Did your student stay on campus for the break?  Send them a good supply of snacks to help keep them going this week!  The BIG Care Package is full of over 20 different snack items, everything from candy bars to cookies and fruit snacks and drinks.  Its sure to please! Order now.



There will be no chapel services next week due to Spring Break.  However, chapel will resume on April 20th with a special series entitled, "Priceless, The Value of Human Life".  Students will hear about the issue of abortion from Scott Rae and JP Moreland, as well as from an abortion survivor.

  • Mon. Apr 20
    "Priceless? The Value of Human Life" series
    Gianna Jessen
    Speaker, Abortion Survivor
  • Wed. Apr 22
    "Priceless? The Value of Human Life" series
    Scott Rae
    Talbot School of Theology
  • Thu. Apr 23
    "Priceless? The Value of Human Life" series
    Reconciliation Chapel
    Anita Turner
    Vice Principal, Charles Drew Middle School
  • Fri. Apr 24
    "Priceless? The Value of Human Life" series
    JP Moreland
    Talbot School of Theology

See the full chapel schedule.

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