Fall 2008, Issue #4

Sep 26, 2008

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  2. Faith is not Blind
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Praying Your Child Through College

As of this week most of your students have been away at Biola for one month. For some of you this past month has flown by, and for others it has undoubtedly seemed to drag on. Whether your student is a Freshmen or a Senior, there are some aspects of letting go, and saying good-bye that never get easier. In the Office of Parent Relations one part of our mission is to help families stay connected, in the midst of the process of letting go. I personally have the pleasure of speaking to hundreds of parents throughout the year, and almost on a daily basis I speak with a parent who just wants to know, (whether they say it in these words or not) that they still matter in their child's life and that they are still connected.

Without sounding too cliché I would like to offer a few tips as to one of the best ways you can stay connected to your student, which is through prayer. I am sure this is something that most of you practice on a daily basis, but I also know that it is hard to always know exactly what to pray for, or when to pray for it. I hope these tips will be a blessing to you and your family.

  1. Pray in the moment

    Whether it's in response to a particularly sad or heavy phone call, or even after just a normal upbeat conversation, take the chance to pray aloud for your student over the phone or in person. Hearing you pray for the voiced and even unvoiced concerns in their life assures students that you still know and understand who they are and what they are experiencing.

  2. Pray at dinnertime

    Even the most social of students will occasionally come upon nights where they do not have anyone to join them for dinner. This can be one of the loneliest times for students. Pray that your student would be surrounded with good people during meal times. For some students this might mean they need to be more brave in initiating friendships, and for other students they really just need the experience of being invited into a caring fun group of people.

  3. Pray on Sundays

    For most families Sunday is a special day that often involves church, and going out to lunch, and various other family traditions like Sunday night movies, or board games. However, once at college Sunday often becomes just another day, especially when homework has piled up and the start of another week is on the horizon. Pray that your student would find a church that feels like home. Pray that the day's activities would be fruitful, restful, and fun (even if that includes homework).

  4. Pray for their friends

    As your child is at college and the day to day, moment to moment, influence you have on their life seems to lessen, pray for the people that begin to fill that gap, primarily their friends. Pray that your student would have healthy friendships with both males and females. Take the time to ask your student how specific people are doing, and then remember their needs in prayer.

Mallory Rae

Service Coordinator
Parent Relations

Faith is not Blind

World Magazine featured Biola University professors J.P. Moreland and Klaus Issler in the article “Doubter's Prison” published in a September issue. The two were jointly interviewed by reporter Marvin Olasky about faith and reason, which coincides with their book, “In Search of a Confident Faith.”

Moreland, distinguished professor of philosophy, and Issler, professor of Christian education and theology, said that faith and reason go together, however, today they are seen as polar opposites.

“Faith is essentially trust or confidence or reliance, and that its proper exercise crucially requires reasons, evidence, and knowledge. Faith is trusting that we have reason to believe is true,” said Moreland and Issler. “Christianity has always been a friend of reason and knowledge.”

Moreland and Issler answered other questions regarding doubt and scientism, as well as providing a response to people mocking faith and reason. World Magazine is a Christian news magazine focused on factual accuracy and Biblical objectivity.

Their book, “In Search of a Confident Faith,” can be purchased at klausissler.com.

To hear more about the book, listen to J.P. Moreland's radio interview with host Greg Wheatley on Moody Prime Time America radio show that aired September 2, 2008. 


Parent Weekend 2008

Parent Weekend 2008 is quickly approaching. Biola invites all parents and family members to join us for this special weekend October 10-12. Friday's events include chapel and class attendance, a fiesta on the lawn, and an evening concert with popular Christian artists Shane and Shane. Saturday will feature a vision walk and brunch with the President, performances from the Biola Conservatory of Music, soccer and volleyball games, as well as an evening banquet. Each event may be registered for separately, so please feel free to participate in all or just a few of the events. Perhaps discuss the weekend's events and plans with your student before making any decisions, as your student might have previous school or social commitments. Detailed schedule and registration information.

Parent Weekend FAQ's

  • If my student is not on a meal plan do they have to pay to attend the meals?

    Yes, if your student does not have a meal plan through Bon Appetite, they would need to be registered as guests and pay the guest fees.

  • Once I have registered for Parent Weekend, how do I get my tickets?

    Tickets and all other pertinent registration information can be picked up at the Registration Booth once you arrive on campus, both Friday and Saturday. Registration packets will include any tickets you have purchased, general information concerning local churches, restaurants, etc., name badges, and schedule information.

  • Will I need a permit to park on campus?

    No, this year parking will be open to all parents, with no need for a temporary permit. When you arrive on campus feel free to park in any of the open spots in any of the lots (unless designated for specific faculty or department use).


Ladies Tea

Join the women of Biola for the Annual Ladies' Tea on October 9, 2008 at 11:30 a.m. This event is hosted by the wives of the Biola University Board of Trustees. Erik & Donna Thoennes, both Biola faculty members will be featured speakers. This year's tea will feature a global theme that highlights Talbot School of Theology, with Erik & Donna Thoennes sharing stories of Biola students serving the world for Christ. An individual ticket is $30, but mothers and daughters attending together will receive the $50 discounted price. 

Around Campus

The island nation of Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, was devastated by two hurricanes and a tropical storm. Without the resources to recover, rebuild, and even survive, the people of Haiti are left in a dire situation and have called upon other nations to help in relief efforts. Proverbs 31:8 tells us to “Speak for up for those who cannot speak for themselves.” The AS Coalition for Social Action is responding to this call. During the week of September 22-26 AS collected cash and loose change for the Red Cross in front of the Cafeteria and in the AS Office, as well as clothing donations in all dorm lobbies. Join the students in prayer as they seek to bring this suffering to light within our community and help to bring healing to a broken nation.

Biola Care Packages

Is your son or daughter feeling homesick? We're pleased to offer Biola Care Packages that let parents of current students say “I love you”, “Happy Birthday”, or simply “We're thinking about you”, with our carefully handpicked gifts. Order now


Chapel is an integral part of the Biola experience, and is a time dedicated to worship, spiritual nurturing and education. The overall program brings a unique distinction to the ethos of Biola as a Christian university. It is our desire each week to make you aware of the speakers your student will be hearing from and the subjects they will teach on, in the hope that you will find it a useful tool in communication and understanding your student's development.

  1. Mon. Sep 29
    "Sermon on the Mount" Series
    Pete Menjares
    Diversity Leadership
  2. Wed. Oct 1
    Todd Pickett
    Spiritual Development
  3. Fri. Oct 3
    A Worship Chapel

See the full chapel schedule.

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