Fall 2016, Issue #5

Oct 19, 2016

Stay Calm, Study On

Midterms have arrived and more than likely you are seeing its effect on your student. For some students this is “just another test;” for others, the idea of taking a test or writing a paper that encapsulates their semester thus far can be overwhelming. Here are our suggestions for how to support your student:

Listen- Asking good questions like: “How are you feeling about heading into midterms?”, “Are there any classes in particular you are nervous about?”, or “What ways have you been able to balance rest and studying?” can help them process through the emotional ups and downs.
Pray- Around midterm and finals time the use of the prayer chapels across campus increases dramatically. God doesn’t promise A’s but he does promise His Spirit which brings peace, guidance and strength when we need it most. Praying for your student (and telling them you are doing so) can be a huge source of encouragement to press on and press in.
Resource- Biola has a lot of helpful resources for students to take advantage of:

  • Office Hours with Professors- Every professor has them. Encourage your student to reach out to their professor to set up a time to meet or stop by during their open office hours listed on their syllabus. If they have questions, encourage them to seek answers.
  • Learning Center- students can use their office to get connected with tutors  as well as coordinate any accommodations that a student may need.
  • Writing Center- A helpful place for students to get help brainstorming, structuring or editing their papers.
  • College Study Skills Course- Is your student lacking study skills and needing more “tools” to make next semester different? This class could be a viable option for them.

We hope these tips are helpful as your support, encourage and challenge your student during their academic journey.

Stephanie Theis, Manager of Parent Programs


Tickets for Biola’s Fall Play are now available!

Biola University Theatre 21 proudly presents the fall production of Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas’ The Charm of Preparedness!
A small college campus is turned upside down when a pre-med student begins to organize a campus-wide preparedness drill. Are his motives altruistic, or is it just a ploy to impress a nursing student? Will the students who volunteer to play disaster victims earn their extra credit? Can the community come together to support one another, or will personal ambition win the day? A wry comedy about growing up, The Charm of Preparedness examines how we learn to deal with life’s disasters, big and small.
"[His work] is full of rich poetry, shocking manipulations of form, and a real concern for the big issues." - Kristoffer Diaz (Pulitzer Prize Finalist, The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity)
Showtimes and tickets can be found here.

Biola Student Discount at Local Businesses

This fall the Student Government Association debuted the “Student Go Card.” The Go Card gives students access to discounts at local La Mirada eateries. We are excited for this opportunity to partner with our local city and helping business owners all while filling the hungry stomachs of our hardworking students.

Learn more about the Go Card in the latest Chimes article and encourage your student to buy one today!


Save the Date for the Biola Christmas Tree Lighting 2016!


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