Fall 2014, Issue #3

Sep 25, 2014

Dear Biola parent,
Autumn is in full swing, and we know this at Biola because the Torrey Bible Conference is almost here! Torrey Conference is a long-time tradition during which classes are canceled for three days so that students can sit under the teaching of some world-renowned speakers. And guess what parents...you can experience Torrey Conference too! If you live close enough, come to campus and sit with the students. Or, watch select sessions on Biola’s website.
Check out the latest issue of the parent newsletter to learn more about this year’s Torrey Bible Conference, as well as these topics:
- Friendsickness 
- Biola Weekend
- Eagle Challenge 5K for Scholarships
- Donation Dollars at Work
- Be Cash Smart
Colleen Heykoop
Director, Parent Relations

Torrey Bible Conference

We experience the differences in this world as a collision of perspectives, practices, politics and people - no two exactly alike. Navigating these differences often leads to a universal question. Is redeeming conflict possible? The Torrey Memorial Bible Conference is just around the corner and will offer practical wisdom to help each one of us understand how we might live "peaceably with all" (Rom.12:18)."

Can you imagine the looks on the faces of individuals who were in attendance at the first Torrey Memorial Bible Conference in 1935!? Biola’s original home and conference location was the 4000-seat auditorium in the historic Church of the Open Door in downtown L.A. at 6th and Hope Street. The conference was five days, often scheduling eight sessions per day, with as many as ten Bible teachers on the program. Today, we cancel classes and set aside 3 days for students to engage biblical teaching and biblical wisdom for doing life with God and with others. We offer 13 different conference credit opportunities from which students can choose to fulfill their required 8 conference credits. A minimum of 4 conference credits must come from attending sessions in person and as many as 4 may be "made-up" after the conference. 

Our students are being prepared for the workplace, for ministry in the church and for diverse global engagement. In these situations, they will undoubtedly face conflict with their peers, co-workers, friends, roommates, family members when they come home and those around them.  Biblical peacemaking skills become necessary tools that must be practiced, sharpened and honed so that they might be more equipped for “Life Together,” our university theme this year and for life after they graduate from Biola.

During this conference, students will have an opportunity to consider how they react during conflict and how they might respond in ways that strengthen and restore brokenness in their relationships. This is a great opportunity for you to come alongside your student and be praying for them throughout the conference. Pray that they be receptive to the Holy Spirit’s leading and that they rely on God’s mercy and grace in the process. You have given them a foundation to stand on. As parents, you can continue to help train them to appropriately grow in spiritual and relational maturity, which is a gift that will yield fruit in all of their future relationships.


I once had a pair of Levi jeans that were so well worn they felt like silk. The hems had frayed and the knees had developed holes, yet they were my favorite jeans, my “go to” jeans for whenever I wanted to be comfortable. Towards the end of their life they were relegated to being “yard work” jeans, then “painting” jeans. At some point I had to let them go. And since then, every pair of jeans I’ve worn reminds me that they aren’t as comfortable as those old Levi’s.
Friends are kind of that way. Novelist Sarah Orne Jewett said it best when she wrote, “Yes’m, old friends is always best, ‘less you can catch a new one that’s fit to make an old one out of.” There’s nothing more comfortable than an old friend. And perhaps that’s what makes the transition to college so challenging. It doesn’t matter if a student is moving on campus, or commuting, those old friends from high school aren’t as easily available. It doesn’t take long for one to really miss the comfort of an old friend.
College is a time of learning, but it’s not just about academics. One of the biggest lessons is learning how to meet and make new friends. Students have lots of opportunities to do that, but one needs more than opportunities. Developing new friendships takes time and can be lonely in the process. Aristotle understood this when he said, “Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow ripening fruit.”
So don’t be surprised or alarmed if your student develops “friendsickness.” Everyone experiences it at one time or another. It’s that feeling of needing to be with someone who really “gets” you, someone who can sit with you quietly and make you feel at ease. Every student, whether freshman or senior, will experience friendsickness as people come in and out of their lives during their college years. The very best ones, however, will stay in contact and last a lifetime. The key is to understand that it takes time.
Encourage your student to keep working at meeting friends and developing friendships. It takes time and it takes effort. The process may not move as quickly as they want it to, and people will disappoint them along the way. But some of the friendships they make in their college years will be “fit to make an old one out of.”

Register now for Biola Weekend!

Biola Weekend is one of our favorite times of the year, as we showcase the best of Biola! October 24th and 25th, parents, alumni, families and friends are invited to campus for a weekend chock full of fun and meaningful activities. There’s Punk ‘N Pie talent show, Eagle Challenge 5K Race, Student Short-Films Showcase, and President Corey’s State of the University Address!
Check out the full schedule here!
P.S. Parents, before making plans to come, PLEASE talk to your student regarding their schedule, as some may have field trips or meetings they cannot miss.
Run the Eagle Challenge 5K in Your Neighborhood
Love to run but can't come to Biola Weekend? That's okay, this year Biola Weekend will come to YOU! Put on your running shoes, sign up for the Eagle Challenge 5K and we'll send you the official race t-shirt.

Biola Weekend Eagle Challenge 5K

October 25, 2014
Location: Wherever You Live

We're encouraging parents and alumni around the world to run together on Saturday, October 25, wherever you live, to show Biola pride and in turn, support student scholarships. Over 600 students, alumni, parents and friends will be gathering at Biola's La Mirada campus for this run, but we don't want you to miss out on the fun!

Register today!  $25 to register, all of which goes directly to the Biola Fund for Student Scholarships.

Please note: Registration will close on Wednesday, October 15, 2014 at 11:59pm PST to give us enough time to mail your t-shirt.

Your Donations at Work

Did you know that every year Biola receives nearly 20,000 gifts from our parents, alumni, and friends? The average gift is $100 though many are higher. These gifts add up to many millions of dollars that the university applies to scholarships, academic programs, construction or renovation, athletics, the arts and many other areas that directly impact our students.
You may wonder how Biola decides to spend all of those dollars, and the answer rests with you. Our supporters give in response to specific needs on campus that may be shared in a letter from the president, a phone call from a student or a written piece in Biola magazine. In each case, Biola makes clear how the dollars received in response to each of these communications will be spent. In truth, you know how Biola will use your gift before you give.
Our greatest need and top priority for fundraising is and always has been the Biola Fund for Student Scholarships. Biola understands the critical role that financial aid plays for our students and their families. That’s why nine-out-of-ten of our appeals for support are for the Biola Fund.
Last year, parents gave 56% of their gifts to support student financial aid, 20% to construction/renovation projects, 8% to endowment for perpetual scholarship support and the balance to support specific academic programs or other needs.
One interesting fact is that, in most years, giving from alumni and giving from parents are roughly equal in dollar terms. In one year alumni may give a bit more that Biola parents do. The next year the roles might be reversed.  This past school year parents out-gave alumni. We’ll see what the current school year holds. Either way, we are grateful for the gifts we receive from our generous donors!

Be Cash Smart

Be Cash Smart, an initiative of Biola Student Account Services, seeks to provide students with tips and tools to help them grow in their understanding of principles of good financial stewardship. To play our fall game, students should like our Facebook page at Facebook.com/BeCashSmart and watch for the question of the week. Answers can be found atBIOLA.EDU/CASHSMART. Each correct answer brought weekly to the Be Cash Smart table equals one ticket/entry into the grand prize drawing for four cash prizes of $100 each!! Each week we will also be available to answer questions and provide other financial resources.

Be Cash Smart Table: Each week students can visit the "Be Cash Smart" table near the Bell Tower (11:30 am – 1:30 pm) on the following days to turn in their answer to the Be Cash Smart financial question of the week:

Thursday, October 2
Wednesday, October 8
Tuesday, October 14
Friday, October 24
Thursday, October 30
Wednesday, November 5
Thursday, November 13
Wednesday, November 19

Grand Finale: On Wednesday, December 3, from 11:30 to 1:30, we will have refreshments and will announce the four winners of the $100 cash prizes!! Please encourage your student to participate in our game this fall!


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