Spring 2016, Issue #7

Apr 26, 2016


As we have been discussing, the end of a semester is filled with mixed emotions for students and parents alike. Excitement to return home, relief after finishing final exams, sadness to be leaving friends, anxiety over what summer will look like. The emotions run even higher for seniors who are looking toward graduation, with “the real world” looming. At home, you are receiving an exhausted mess of mixed feelings and this will once again change the environment you have become used to, especially if you were “empty-nesters”

It is normal for both you and your student to, despite your excitement, share frustrations as everyone adjusts to the changes that will come. Feeling frustrated that your student has managed to forget how to wash a dish? They may be feeling belittled by having their high school chore reinstated. Younger siblings may feel like attention has shifted to their Biola sibling and tension may arise.

Don’t expect for your family to go back to “normal.” Your student has spent a year away at Biola and developed new thoughts, habits, and opinions. Your student will see changes in you that you may not have noticed and may be just as confused. Some parents take up new hobbies, or maybe they simply finally have time to watch TV!

Your nest may be full again for a few short months or your student may be moving back in until opportunity comes along. No matter what the circumstance, you and your student are nearing another change that can bring about stressful situations. Here are a few of tips as you prepare to have your Biola student home again:

  • Make sure expectations are clear – Have a conversation about it… if you and your student know what to expect of the time at home, it will be easier on both of you.
  • Minimize the pressure - questions like “So what are you going to do now?” or “When do you plan on getting a job?” can make your stressed student even more frantic. They likely know you want them to get a job and would like the financial independence as well. Help them by encouraging them in their search; remind them that their hard work will pay off.
  • Don’t do it for them - for those students who need more help, point them towards resources like Biola’s Career Development Office. Doing things for them, whether job search or the laundry, can hurt in the long run as they need the opportunity to learn on their own.
  • Express excitement - Tell them how you are looking forward to having them home or how great it will be to hear about their adventures abroad once they return. Share with them that you are proud they've completed another academic year and celebrate their hard work. The college journey is taken by more than just the student, so share joy during this time together!

It has been another wonderful year here on campus! Remember, summer isn’t here yet, so make sure you give your student a call to encourage them as they wrap up the semester!


Chelsea Royse

Manager of Parent Programs

Survival Sacks

You can now Order Survival Sacks Online!  Once again, the Office of Christian Formation and Ministry is putting together Survival Sacks that will be delivered to your students for finals week.  Sacks include an assortment of fresh fruit, popcorn, and other snacks to help them get through those late nights studying. Christian Formation and Ministry simply asks for a tax-deductible donation!  This fundraiser is the primary way that the department raises support for its ministry efforts. Order online by May 16th or by calling 562.903.4754

Join the Biola Community in Seattle

Our next National Campaign Tour event is coming up! If you are in the greater Seattle area, come join the Biola community in Seattle for an evening to celebrate God's faithfulness toward Biola and learn more about A Soul of Conviction, A Voice of Courage: The Campaign for Biola University!

Learn about the vision and goals of the campaign, hear updates on progress and momentum since the campaign’s May 9 public launch, and network over hors d'oeuvres with Biola friends and alumni. #JoinBiola at this exciting moment in our history!

Is Your College Student Stressed Out?

Alisa Grace ('92) just wrote a timely blog entitled “Is your college student stressed out?” We encourage you to take a few moments to read it. Alisa serves as a consultant to the Biola University Center for Marriage and Relationships where she also co-teaches a class on Christian perspectives on marriage and relationships. While she speaks regularly on topics such as dating relationships, marriage and love, she also loves mentoring younger women and newly married couples, speaking at retreats and providing premarital counseling.

Spring Housing Checkout

All Residence Hall and Apartment residents must be checked out of their living areas by 10pm Friday May 27th. Graduating seniors and those working commencement have until either 10am or 2pm on Saturday May 28th, depending on their living area.  All students will receive an email with checkout information specific to them by early May. More details on specific living areas, and summer housing can be found on the Spring Checkout website.

Spring Commencement

Undergraduate Commencement is Friday May 27th at 7pm on McNally Lawn. Students will receive tickets for their families. Ticketing details have been emailed to your student’s Biola email address.  Doors open at 5:30p and we encourage you to arrive early, as tickets grant admission, but seating is first come first served!

Undergraduate Baccalaureate is Thursday May 26th at 7pm at The Evangelical Free Church in Fullerton. Friends and family of undergraduates are invited to a special worship service in celebration of God’s faithfulness in the lives of our graduates.

Additional Spring Commencement details available on the commencement website.

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