Spring 2015, Issue #3

Feb 20, 2015

Housing Selection

Hello Biola Parents and Guardians!
Biola Housing Selection for Fall 2015-Spring 2016 is coming soon, and some exciting things are happening! 

Thanks to our university leaders, a new residence hall, “North” Hall, will open in Fall 2015!  (Check out the details on BiolaHousing.com.) Additionally, Biola is purchasing the La Mirada Apartments located on Rosecrans Ave. These additions create more room, allowing more students to benefit from living in Biola Housing!  Did you know?  National research indicates living on campus significantly increases students’ success, including graduating on-time, sense of belonging in the community, encountering diverse perspectives, and increasing academic achievements.

Housing Selection kicks off Tuesday, March 3, with the Housing Selection Meeting in Sutherland Hall at 8:30 pm and 10 pm (identical meeting as 8:30pm). Please strongly encourage your students to attend the Housing Selection Meeting, especially if they will be going through housing selection for the first time.

To participate in Housing Selection, students must:

  • Submit the Housing Application anytime between Tuesday, March 3-Sunday, March 15.
  • Find roommates AND match-up with them in MyHousing anytime between Tuesday, March 3 and Sunday, March 22. 
  • Self-select (or have a matched roommate select) their room or apartment during a selection phase. The lottery/selection phases are:
  1. Apartment: Monday, March 23, noon-9 am  (Eligible Students must be 20+ years old by the first day of Fall classes)
  2. “North” Hall: Wednesday, March 25, noon- 9 am
  3. Same Hall: Friday, March 27, noon- 9 am (Residents have priority to renew housing in their current hall)
  4. Any Hall: Monday, March 30, noon- 9 am
  5. Individual Bed (for students without roommates)/Late Applicants* (students that miss the March 15 deadline): Tuesday, March 31, noon and on, first-come, first-served basis

*Late Applicants can apply then select a bed anytime from March 31-May 1. 

Here are a few additional important details:

  • There is plenty of housing for everyone! (Approximately 400 beds in Apartments, the rest in Residence Halls.)
  • Biola has a Residency Requirement:  All students who are 19 years old and younger by the first day of Fall classes (August 26, 2015) are required to live in Biola Housing unless living at home with their guardians.
  • Current Commuter Students are welcome to participate in Housing Selection.
  • Because we highly value mixed-ages in each community, several rooms on every floor are held for Incoming Students (excluding Thompson and Apartments).
  • Some financial aid awards may be larger if a student lives in Biola Housing (versus off-campus).
  • Lottery/Selection times are distributed 24 hours in advance (at Noon the day before the selection phase).
  • When a student goes to select a room/apartment, the system will only show available rooms/apartments that fit the exact size of the roommate group . Students can change around their roommate groups before and during lotteries until a room/apartment is selected.
  • Once “I Agree” is clicked, the selected room/apartment is FINAL: the entire roommate group is contracted to live in the room/apartment selected.  Contract terms, including cancellation fees, are immediately in effect.
  • Video tutorials, Hall/Apartment Snapshots, Floor Plans, and more information will be at BiolaHousing.com.

This can be an involved process for students, especially those in their first year of Biola Housing. Housing Selection can bring excitement for new adventures and community connections coming in the future.  At the same time, it can be another reminder that things are different in adult life; that university housing is different than home, and necessitates involvement, following instructions, and completing the process.  

The Housing Selection process is not perfect- but it is still a good and important process that empowers each student to make decisions for their immediate future, with a safety net.  Simultaneously, this process develops critical thinking skills and tools to make informed housing decisions critical to their post-college future, including: finding roommates, yielding to rules/restrictions, considering pros and cons of multiple housing options, strategizing, waiting on the Lord where the future is not yet defined, taking personal responsibility in lease agreements, planning for future financial commitments, and compromising with roommates. Since you are Parents, Guardians, Friends, and Mentors, the students will most likely reach out to you for support during Housing Selection.  The best ways to support them during this season are:

  • Disclosing financial restrictions or discussing alternate future plans as soon as possible.
  • Listening as they verbally or emotionally process the exciting opportunities or potential challenges before them. 
  • Encouraging them to stay engaged in the process and move forward.
  • Assuring them everything is going to work out and be fine in the long run- God has them in the palm of His hand! 
  • Asking key questions to help them self-identify solutions should a problem arise.
  • Familiarizing yourself with the general process so you can help them navigate accordingly. 
  • Praying for and with them as they make decisions about their future.

We sincerely care about each and every one of these students, and will be available to guide, pray with, and empower them along the way.  We are excited for what the future will bring to residents on our campus and in our community! Visit the Housing website.

Warmest Regards,
Heidi Herchelroath
Biola University Housing Manager

Registration for Grandparents Day Ends February 24

Time is running out for grandparents to register for Grandparents Day on March 6! Advanced registration and payment is required for the Luncheon with the President.

View the schedule and register here.

The Lent Project

Join the Biola University Center for Christianity, Culture & the Arts for daily devotions incorporating Scripture, art, video and music as together we remember the sacrifice of our great Redeemer. Click here to view daily devotionals and reflections.

Be Cash Smart!

The goal of "Be Cash Smart" is to provide tips and tools to help students grow in their knowledge of principles of good financial stewardship. To achieve this goal, we will have a "Be Cash Smart" table out weekly from 11:30 to 1:30 where students​ will have a chance to earn one ticket toward one of four $100 cash prizes!!

Be Cash Smart ​Spring​ Contest:
Each week a new question on finances will be posted to the “BE CASH SMART COMMUNITY” Facebook page.  To encourage utilizing the tools available on Biola's Cash Course Website, students will receive one ticket/entry ​into a drawing for one of four $100 cash prizes ​for each correct answer they bring to ​the Be Cash Smart table.

To Enter the Contest: students need to do the following:

1) Like our Facebook page 
2) Register for CashCourse access at BIOLA.EDU/CASHSMART
3) Stop by the Be Cash Smart Table

March Table Dates - By the Bell Tower

Wednesday, March 4 (1:00–3:00 pm)
Tuesday, March 10 (11:30–1:30 pm)
Wednesday, March 18 (11:30–1:30 pm)
Thursday, March 26 (11:30–1:30 pm)

Please encourage your student to participate in our game this ​spring!!​

Hang in There Care Package

$ 45.00  Price includes tax and delivery. This special "Hang in There" care package is perfect for those times when your student needs a little extra encouragement (ex: heavy workload, relationship troubles, injuries, homesickness, etc.)

Each brightly colored care package is filled with assorted sweets and treats, and includes the following contents:  a plush monkey stuffed animal, chocolate covered caramel corn, fudge striped shortbread cookies, 1 pecan "sweetie pie," a small loaf of chocolate chip bread, 2 brownie peanut butter "monkey bars", a thermal "hang in there" monkey mug, and a custom themed greeting card with a personalized message from home.

View more packages and order information here.

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