Spring 2017, Issue #6

Apr 19, 2017

Full Plate of Stress

Five weeks. That’s it. Once your student returns from Spring Break, there are five weeks left of the semester. The significance isn’t lost on your student. In fact, they are probably feeling the full weight of all the things they need to accomplish by the time finals week arrives.

Students have a lot on their plate this time of year. If they are graduating, they are wrapping up senior projects, applying for jobs and looking for new housing. If they are continuing students, they are working to complete their chapel requirements, finishing assignments and studying for final exams, setting up fall housing, looking for a summer job and selecting classes for the fall. In many cases, your student is facing a number of decisions with choices that may not all be optimal.

But that’s not even the whole picture. Along with juggling the many tasks and decisions, your student is managing relationships. Some are dreading having to soon say goodbye to their friends, struggling to balance work and fun. Some not in a dating relationship may be dealing with sadness because they believe the myth that “a ring by spring” is the norm. And certainly the pressure and stress felt by students because of end-of-the-semester responsibilities can make everyone a little more tired and testy.

I share this with you, not to make you anxious, but to make you aware of the challenges your student is currently facing and to offer suggestions for how you might help and encourage them.

·    Listen and stop fixing. When your student shares all the things they have to do and the pressure they are feeling to get it all done, just listen. I know when my children share a frustration or complaint my first reaction is to tell them what they need to do to fix it. But the reality is, all our suggestions, no matter how well intended and informed by experience, send our students the message that they aren’t capable, that they need us to help resolve their challenges.

· Send encouragement to your student. Encouragement is different than suggestions or solutions. Encouragement gives courage, and we all need that, especially children from their parents. Send a letter, a text or email to let your student know that you are proud of the growth you’ve seen in their lives and that you are cheering them on to the finish line.

·Stifle your own anxieties. Many of us parents can get caught up in our children’s concerns and unwittingly fuel their anxiety by sharing our own. Questions like “How are you going to study for your exam if you have to work 20 hours this week?” aren’t helpful. Instead, offer your encouragement and let them know you are willing to brainstorm options if they ask for your input.

·Listen for signs of poor decision-making. There are times when parents do need to speak up. Has your student lost sight of healthy boundaries? Has your student been sick more often than not this semester? Ask them how much sleep they’ve gotten lately. Ask them what they’ve been eating and how often. As their parent, you know what is typical of your child and what is not. Remind your student that missing sleep and good food is hurtful to their efforts, not helpful.

· Pray for your student and for yourself. This is a given for many of you I’m sure. But I would be negligent to not mention the power of prayer. Your student needs wisdom. You need wisdom. Scripture says, in James 1:5, “If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.”

Your student is being stretched, molded and shaped through their experiences as a Biola student. Sometimes, especially at the end of a school year, the workload and stress can feel like too much. Encourage your student in their growth, love on them and listen. God is doing amazing things in their life through their current circumstances.

And of course, if your student is experiencing more serious signs of stress and anxiety, Biola does have resources to help them. The Biola Counseling Center, Learning Center, Advising Center and Health Center are just a few of the offices that are available to assist students in what they need. Are they unsure what they need? Have them talk with a Student Development staff member who will be able to listen and guide them in the direction that’s most suitable.

Blessings to you and your family,

Colleen Heykoop

Director of Alumni & Parent Relations

Spring Box Office

Music Performances:

April 29: Faculty recital with Jeanne Robison and Manami Kawamura

May  3: Chamber Music Recital

May 6: POPS! Concert

May 12: The King's Men and Vocal Jazz Ensemble Joint Concert

May 12-13: An Evening of Opera Scenes

Theatre Performances:

April 28-May 7: Theatre 21 performs The Glass Menagerie as the spring play! For showtimes and tickets click here.

May 11-14: Torrey Honors Theatre performs Pride and Prejudice. Tickets are available at the door; pricing TBA

Biola Media Conference

Register now for Biola Media Conference 2017 hosted at Fox Studios! According to their website, “Biola Media Conference is a haven for professionals and students who want to pave a new way forward for quality media-making from a Christian perspective — people who refuse to divorce their faith from their craft, and won’t settle for low-quality, didactic “Christian” media.” This year’s theme is “No Boundaries” encouraging students and professionals to say YES to new and stretching opportunities. If you are currently in the film industry or a film industry hopeful, don’t miss this opportunity!

Grandparents Day Recap

Friday, April 7th, we welcome over 400 guests to Biola’s campus for our 9th annual Grandparent’s Day! Guests arrived bright and early for chapel in the gymnasium where they heard about intergenerational friendships from beloved faculty member Matt Jensen and Biola guest, Carol Sato, a founding member of Fountain of Life Covenant Church.

Afterward guests enjoyed tours around campus in golf carts, games on Metzger lawn, a private luncheon and concert with Dr. Corey and our Vocal Jazz ensemble followed by a seminar with Dr. Tresser on health and longevity. Our staff were told by many across campus that Grandparents Day is their favorite day of the year as grandparents bring such a sense of wisdom, faith and joy to our campus!

Thank you to all who attended! Our photo alblum of the event is up on Facebook, be sure to check it out and tag yourself or your student! See you next year!

Latest Antics of a Viral Professor

Math General Education becomes anything but generic when you have professors like Biola’s own Matthew Weathers. For years now Mr. Weathers has taught Nature of Math to Biolans seeking to fulfill their general education requirement in mathematics. Mr. Weathers is not only passionate about the importance of practical math but computer science, film editing and a good laugh. Each year Mr. Weathers works tirelessly to humor and amaze students when they are least expecting it and has gone viral multiples times for doing so.  Check out his latest antics here.

Commencement Ceremonies- School Assignments

As a reminder, Biola’s Spring 2017 commencement ceremonies will take place on Friday, May 26, 2017 on Metzger Lawn. All students eligible to graduate, both undergraduate and graduate level, will receive up to 8 complimentary tickets to distribute to their guests. Tickets allow guests access into the commencement area, but do not reserve a specific seat. Seating is available on a first come, first ushered basis. All guests are required to have a ticket, except for children 5 and under who will be sitting with a family member and not using an additional seat. Commencement tickets will be specific for the 10:00 a.m. or 7:00 p.m. ceremony. Please see below for the list of schools with their respective ceremony times.

Please check out the commencement website for additional commencement information. Email University Events at events@biola.edu with any questions you may have.

Ceremony A - 10:00 a.m.

Cook School of Intercultural Studies

Rosemead School of Psychology

School of Science, Technology and Health

Talbot School of Theology (including Apologetics)

Mandatory Rehearsal 8:30 a.m. in Chase Gymnasium

Ceremony B - 7:00 p.m.

Crowell School of Business

School of Education

School of Fine Arts and Communication

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Mandatory Rehearsal 5:30 p.m. in Chase Gymnasium

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