Pharos Print & Copy and your Flex Dollars

The Pharos print and copy system is available at many locations for printing and copy services for students, faculty and staff (for personal and departmental printing and copy), guests, and alumni. Pharos uses the Biola campus ID card to access individual print queues and Flex dollars for payment. Flex dollars are the same funds used to purchase food. Learn more about adding and using Flex dollars at the Auxiliary Services Housing Handbook or at the page on How to add Flex Dollars.

To setup an department account with Pharos print & copy contact the IT Helpdesk.

Guest use of Pharos Print & Copy

Guests can purchase a guest card for printing and copying from the self-service kiosk located on the middle floor of the Library next to the Reference Service Desk.

Printing Instructions and Personal Computer Setup

  • Instructions for using Pharos at a computer lab station: Mac or Windows
  • Setup Pharos on a Personal Computer: Mac or Windows

Print & Copy Cost

  • 10¢ for monochrome (black & white)
  • 40¢ for color

Print & Copy Refunds

Examples of eligible refunds:

  • You were charged but the print/copy job was not successfully completed.
  • The equipment caused defects in the final product.
  • Your money was accepted by a coin/bill unit but the right credit amount was not added to your account.

You are not eligible for a refund if:

  • You printed blank pages, multiple copies, to the wrong paper size/source, or you accidentally printed in color.
  • You are not satisfied with the quality of the printed material (unless defects are dut to equipment problems)

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