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These instructions and features are for campus telephones only, and will not work on pay phones or phones not provided by Biola.

Making and Receiving Calls

Receiving Calls

All dorm rooms have have a four-digit Telephone extension number that can also be directly accessed from off-campus. Receiving a call in your room is free unless it is considered a Special Incoming Call (see details here).

To find out what your extension is, pick up the phone & press: “0” (zero) for the campus switchboard operator and ask them what your extension is. (You must call them from the phone in your dorm room.)

On-campus callers can just dial your four-digit extension. Receiving calls from off-campus or using a cell phone is a bit tricker:

If your extension is like this:Then callers use this number:
6xxx (562) 903-6xxx where “6xxx” is your phone extension.
24xx (562) 903-24xx where “24xx” is your phone extension.
28xx(562) 903-28xxwhere “28xx” is your phone extension.
37xx (562) 777-37xx where “37xx” is your phone extension.

Making Calls to On-Campus Numbers

To call a student or department on-campus, just dial their four-digit extension. If you don’t know what the extension is, you may dial “0” (zero) for the Campus Switchboard and they can look it up for you.

Making Calls to Off-Campus Numbers

Unless you’re calling a toll-free number, you’ll need a calling card to dial out from your phone to an off-campus number.

Making a Toll Free Call

To call a toll free number, dial: 8 + 1 + (8xx) phone number

For example:

  • 8 + 1(800) xxx-xxxx
  • 8 + 1(866) xxx-xxxx
  • 8 + 1(877) xxx-xxxx
  • 8 + 1(888) xxx-xxxx

Making Collect Calls

To place a collect call within the 562 area code, dial: 8 + 0 + phone number

To place a collect call outside the 562 area code, dial: 8 + 0 + (area code) phone number

Phone Features

How to put someone on “Hold”:

  • Press the Flash (or Link) button
  • Wait for the special dial tone
  • Press the “#” sign (the “pound” key)
  • Press “4”

How to take someone off “Hold”:

  • Press the Flash (or Link) button.
  • Or just hang up. Your phone will call you back and your caller will be back on the line for you.

How to “Ring Again” if the person you are calling is already on the phone:

  • Press the Flash (or Link) button
  • Wait for the special dial tone
  • Press: 11
  • Wait for the regular dial tone
  • Hang up
  • Wait for your phone to ring. It will call you as soon as the person you’re trying to reach gets off the phone.

How to use “Call Waiting”:

  • When a second call comes in, you will hear two beeps.
  • Press the Flash (or Link) button. This will put the first person on hold and switch you over to the second caller.

How to “Transfer” a caller to another extension on campus:

  • Ask the caller to hold.
  • Press the Flash (or Link) button.
  • When you hear the special tone, dial the extension you’d like to transfer the caller to.
  • If the recipient answers the phone, let them know that you are transferring a call to them, then hang up.
  • If no one answers, press the Flash (or Link) button, and the caller will come back to you.

How to set up “Conference Calls”:

  • Call the first extension, or have the person call you.
  • Press the Flash (or Link) button.
  • Wait for the special tone.
  • Dial the next extension.
  • Inform the person of the conference call.
  • Press the Flash (or Link) button again. This will connect everyone.
  • You may repeat these steps to add up to three more people, for a total of six people altogether (including yourself.)
  • If anyone in the conference call hangs up, it will not affect the others. The remaing extensions will still be connected.

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