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Biola University assigns to its community members a personal, unique identifier called a NetID. The NetID and password grants the Biola community access to personal information and online services, like email and my.Biola.

The NetID consists of the first name, last initial, and one or more numbers (e.g. johns11). Biola community members use the first time access process to set the NetID password, an alternate email address, and personal security questions. The personal security questions are part of the password reset process.

New students receive a NetID when they submit their required deposit and new faculty and staff receive a NetID on their start date.

NetID Eligibility

NetID’s are issued to faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Only one NetID is assigned to an individual. Faculty and staff include full-time and part-time faculty, faculty emeriti, full-time and part-time staff; and trustees. Students include full and part-time undergrad and graduate students.

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  1. I forgot my NetID password, how do I reset it?

    To reset your Net ID password navigate to and select the “Forgot NetID or Password” link.

  2. How do I change my NetID password?

    To change your Net ID password navigate to link, login and click on the “Change my password” link.

  3. I am a Biola University Alumnus, can I get a NetID?

    Yes — in fact, you may already have one. Anyone who attended Biola starting in 1988 should have a NetID. If you don’t know your NetID or if you have not been issued a NetID, please contact

  4. Can I change my NetID?

    A NetID may be changed for the following reasons:

    1. The NetID was created incorrectly.
    2. There is a personal safety issue related to the continued use of your NetID.
  5. How do new students receive their NetID?

    New students receive a NetID automatically when they submit their required deposit. All students must go through the first time access process to set their password and create personal security questions.

  6. How do staff and faculty receive their NetID?

    New staff and faculty automatically receive a NetID within 24 hours of their start date. Before using their NetID staff and faculty must go through the first time access process to set their NetID password and create personal security questions.

  7. I had a NetID once, but then I left Biola. Now I’m back. Will I get the same NetID?

    Yes. Your NetID is a part of your permanent university record, and will never be assigned to another person.

  8. Can I get a NetID for my spouse and/or children?

    No. NetIDs are only available to individuals directly affiliated with Biola University.

  9. Is it OK to let my family, close friends, supervisor, manager, or co-workers use my NetID and password?

    No. Your NetID is for your exclusive personal use. It is a violation of Network Usage Policy to share your NetID and password. If someone has your NetID and password, this person can look up or change personal and confidential information about you, including your benefits package, tax information, grades, address, email account, and emergency contact information.

    You are the only person who should ever use your NetID and password. Likewise, you should never use anyone else’s NetID and password, even if the owner says that it is okay.

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