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Last modified Apr 21, 2014 3:34 p.m.


Slow Response

So far has occurred only during Registration, while the system is handling 2000 heavy-use hits daily. Everything essential is still working, but some channels may be slow to load during peak hours.

Certain tabs or links will not load

If you are on campus, please make sure that you are connected to the BiolaSecure.AC wireless network and not BiolaGuest. Please see this page for more information on wireless networks on campus:

If you are off campus, please try another computer, another network (especially if you are overseas) or contact the IT HelpDesk for additional help.

Browser Compatibility

Our testing has confirmed that my.Biola works effectively with all browsers: IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome… with one exception:

Internet Explorer (IE) 6

JP Moreland used to tell us that to criticize an idea or proposition as ‘old’ was an invalid criticism; ideas were either sound or unsound and propositions were either true or untrue, regardless of their age.

Well, yeah, okay… IE 6 is not only old, but it’s also unsound. So there. Upgrade your browser, amigo.

Browser Eccentricities

PIN Requests

Anytime you go to any function within my.Biola and it asks you for another User ID and PIN, something has gone wrong. Logging into my.Biola with your NetID and password is supposed to allow you direct access to pretty much everything inside (Registration, MyHousing, etc.).

Solution 1: Log all the way out of my.Biola, log back in, and try again.

Solution 2: We’ve had some issues reported with Chrome and older IE browsers, so please see if it works better with Safari or Firefox.

Error Messages

There are several known error messages that you may see as you’re using my.Biola. Here are some tips when you encounter these messages.

Error Report: encountered problem while trying to complete rendering

You may see this error now and then when a channel fails to render it’s content.

Solution: Click on the refresh icon at the bottom left of the channel.

Your password in Banner has been updated to match your password in Luminis. Click Here to continue

This only applies to Employees and Student Workers.

Solution: Click the link. This will synchronize your INB password with your NetID password if you have an INB account.

System Error: Can’t service request to /cp/home/next

This occurs when your browser didn’t log out correctly. It also can happen with Firefox even if you do log out correctly.

Solution: Close your browser and try again.

Server Failed: The server that was managing your session may have been brought down for maintenance.

Solution: This occurs for the first people logging in after system maintenance. Don’t worry, just go to again. It will work the second time.

uPortal Error: Sorry, but uPortal encountered an error that is preventing it from rendering. The error must be corrected by system administrators. Try again later.

Solution: Close your browser and try again. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, contact the IT HelpDesk.

Intrusion Detected: A system intrusion was detected… you will now be logged out.

Solution: Close your browser and try it again.

If you encounter any of the following Error Messages, contact the IT HelpDesk at x4740 (562-903-4740)

Access Denied: You do not have permission to access this service

External System Error: CPIP Notification: Unsupported OID Service

SQL exception has occurred.ORA-20102: ORA-20102: User [YOURNETID] not authorized to access CHANNEL

Unable to instantiate “org.jasig.portal.layout.dlm.DistributedLayoutManager”

Unknown Error: An unknown error occurred.

Unsupported OID Service

Your web access has been disabled. Please contact the Computing and Information Services Office for information about your account.

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