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Managing Groups (Video Tutorials)

Click on the topic below to load the video. If you an Administrator or Leader of a Group, we suggest viewing all 9 videos (approximately 5 minutes each).

Part 1: General Settings

Understanding and using the General Settings for your my.Biola group; titling, group type, general overview. First in the Series of 9 videos.

Part 2: Members

How people can become a part of your group; how to remove members from a group.

Part 3: Permissions

Who can do what to your Group’s site; delegating authority to edit, etc. Also, how to create SubGroups.

Part 4: Tools Overview

An overview of the Announcements, News, and Message Board functions, how they differ, and how they work together. Details on using them are in a subsequent video.

Part 5: Tools - News and Announcements

Creating announcements, creating news articles (and approving/editing/deleting articles submitted by your members).

Part 6: Email

Using the Group email function to email your Members.

Part 7: Message Board

Using, managing, and moderating your Group’s message board, including understanding and setting up Topics and Threads.

Part 8: Photos, Links, and Files

Adding and managing Photos, Links, and Files for your Group.

Part 9: Homepage and Guest View

Developing and managing your Group’s Homepage, as well as the Guest Viewpage that nonmembers can see. Last in the Series.

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