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Last modified Apr 21, 2014 3:12 p.m.

Getting Started

Welcome to my.Biola

my.Biola serves a couple of important functions at Biola. First, it is an interface, a way to make Biola’s online systems and services less intimidating and easier to use, for those of us without advanced degrees in computer science. Second, it is a communication system, designed to funnel important information to you with a minimum of unnecessary chaff and chatter.

This page is designed to help you get started; the basics, in a “Frequently Asked Questions” format. More detailed help can be found elsewhere in this my.Biola Help site (like Channel Help, Announcements Help, Tutorials and How-To’s, Policies, etc.).

FAQ: Logging In, Logging Out, and Passwords

How do I log-in to my.Biola?

On a computer with Internet access, point your web browser to and log in using your NetID.

What is my NetID?

This is an extension of your first name, like “jackw9” for example. NetIDs are automatically assigned based on a combination of first and last name, and cannot be changed.

Your initial NetID password was physically mailed to you as an incoming student, or given to your supervisor if you are a Biola employee.

Can I change my password?

To change it, log into my.Biola and click on the “Password” button.

What if I forgot my NetID?

If you have questions or problems logging in, you may contact the Help Desk at 562-903-4740 (extension 4740 on-campus) or

Are my NetID and password secure?

Yes. The my.Biola login page uses SSL encryption to ensure that your username and password are secure. This is reflected in the URL (

Do I need to logout?

Yes, you should always logout for security reasons so others don’t have access to your personal information. If you forget to log out of my.Biola, you will automatically time out after 30 minutes of inactivity. This is a security feature that helps prevent others from gaining access to your private information (student records, financial information, your online coursework, etc.), particularly when you are using a public computer. Warning: This is not a substitute for logging out. The only way to absolutely ensure that your information remains secure is to LOG OUT before you leave the computer.

Why does my.Biola log me out without letting me know first?

The my.Biola portal is equipped with a “tickle” feature to remind you that the 30 minutes of inactivity is almost up. This feature is a “pop-up” window and will only be visible if “pop-ups” are allowed in your browser. If the reminder appears while you are away from your PC or distracted and you do not respond within a very short period, my.Biola will automatically log-off.

FAQ: Help and Training

How do I get help with my.Biola?

The system is fairly simple to learn, but there are many resources for additional help:

  • There is a Help link on the bottom of the log-in page
  • There is a Tutorial channel on the Help+Feedback tab
  • On the Help+Feedback tab, there is also a Feedback channel where you can submit your question, or look through other users’ questions to see if yours has already been answered.
  • This IT website that you’re looking at right now has several additional pages offering my.Biola assistance; check the top of the page under “Details.” This is a work-in-progress, and more helps will be added.
  • For employees, workshops will be scheduled soon [check the Training Seminar schedule on the Employee tab].
  • If your request is more urgent, you can always contact the IT Helpdesk for any questions or problems.

What if I am having a technical problem with my.Biola?

Contact the IT Helpdesk and they will log and track your problem, and help resolve it.

Who can I contact to make comments or suggestions for my.Biola?

Your comments and suggestions are most welcome. Please use the Feedback channel on the “Help+Feedback” tab in my.Biola.

How can I get training on my.Biola?

Online training material and in-person classes will be available shortly; these will be announced in the Help+Feedback tab.

FAQ: Availability

Can I access my.Biola from home or from my residence hall?

Yes, you can access my.Biola from any computer with a web browser and internet connection.

When is my.Biola available and how long is the time-out for inactivity?

my.Biola is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except for scheduled system maintenance windows. Also, some channels rely on data from systems that are down for backup and maintenance during the evening. These channels may not be available in the my.Biola during that time. Please see the my.Biola log-in page for more information.

FAQ: Browsers

Should I use a specific web browser?”

All browsers except Opera are generally supported. If you use Internet Explorer, the oldest version that works fully is IE 7. There are certain functions (such as Group Studio email) that do not work fully in Safari or Chrome.

Why don’t my browser’s “back” and “forward” buttons work properly in my.Biola?

The best way to navigate around my.Biola is to use the tabs and the links within my.Biola. The “back” and “forward” buttons in your browser may move from tab to tab or channel to channel, but if changes have been made or other logins have been made, using the browser’s navigation buttons may not have the desired effect.

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