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Customizing Your Layout

Customize layout and content

By default, my.Biola provides flexibility for you to customize the tabs and channels that you have in your layout. You can:

  • Add tabs to your layout
  • Remove tabs from your layout
  • Move and/or rename tabs
  • Change the way a tab opens (framed or not)
  • Add channels to existing tabs
  • Move channels between tabs
  • Reorder channels on a given tab
  • Add or remove columns on a given tab

You will not be able to do all these modifications to every tab or channel. For example, the Welcome tab contains information and resources both critical and relevant to all users, so we have chosen to protect this tab by removing the ability for users to delete it from their layout, to rename it, or to delete some of the channels on it.

However, you still have the ability to add additional channels to it to meet your individual needs. You are always able to add a new tab to your layout, which allows you maximum flexibility in modifying it and its contents.

To modify tab and channel properties or to add new tabs and channels to the layout, you must access the Manage Content/Layout page. To do so, use the following procedure.

Step 1: In the top left-hand corner of the page above the system tabs, locate and click the Content Layout link.

Step 2: You see the Manage Content/Layout page, which allows you to change aspects of your user layout, such as adding tabs, moving or deleting channels, etc.

Step 3: To change options, go to the diagram of the page layout. This image allows you to modify elements using the following buttons:

  • Add Tab. Allows you to add a new content tab to your layout.
  • Add Column. Allows you to add a new column to the layout of a selected tab.
  • Select Column. Allows you to select a column to move horizontally in the layout of a selected tab and to change the widths of the columns on the selected tab.
  • New Channel. Allows you to add a new channel to the selected tab in a specified area.
  • Directional arrows. Allow you to move a tab to the left or right, a column left or right within a given tab, or a channel horizontally across columns or up and down within a column.
  • Delete the channel from the tab by clicking the delete (X) icon.
  • Edit the channel with the select (pencil) icon. You will then see a list of options allowable for the channel.


VIDEO: How to Add, Delete, Move, or Reduce Channels

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