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Last modified Sep 2, 2010 3:24 p.m.

Content and Layout

my.Biola provides informational content through channels. In general, channels provide at-a-glance information with click-throughs to expanded content or Web resources. Channels are like little windows within the page, with borders and a title and a tool bar.

Do faculty, staff, and students all see the same view of my.Biola?

No. Faculty and staff see a different default view of the portal than students see. The content that an individual sees is determined by their role at the University. Currently the possible roles are student, faculty, alumni, and employee. Individuals are presented with a different set of tabs and channels containing the default content for their role.

What is a Channel?

Topic-specific areas within a portal that provide convenient access to information, applications, or other Web resources users may want to access. Typical channels may include information such as:

  • The number of appointments that you have on your calendar
  • Fragments of personal announcements that you have been sent
  • Bookmarks that you create
  • Links to other online resources at your institution
  • Access to course schedules or administrative services

What is a Tab?

A tab provides a means to organize channels in a practical manner. When you first log in to the system, you will see a set number of tabs with predefined channels. The first tab, ‘Welcome,’ is designed for content relevant to all system users. You will also see at least one tab tied to your specific role (student, faculty, employee, etc.).

The system provides great flexibility for you to customize the tabs and channels that you have in your layout. The system allows you to:

  • Add or remove tabs on your layout
  • Move and/or rename tabs
  • Add channels to existing tabs
  • Move channels between tabs
  • Reorder channels on a given tab
  • Add or remove columns on a given tab

Types of Tabs: Traditional Tab - Tab that contains channels; Framed Tab - Displays an external website e.g., instead of channels.

How do I customize my.Biola layout?

You can easily customize your view of the portal by adding new channels and tabs and removing those that are not useful to you; there are few additional channels at this point but more are on the way!

To customize your view of the portal, click the Content/Layout link in the upper left hand portion of the screen. Click the tab you want to change. You can then add, modify, or delete columns and channels on that tab. When you are finished click the “Back To…” link to return to my.Biola. Note that several channels and other formatting considered essential may be “fixed” and cannot be moved, modified or removed.

A more detailed explanation is here, along with a video tutorial.

Can I import bookmarks into the my.Biola portal?

Bookmarks cannot be imported into the portal at this time. You can add bookmarks individually to the optional Bookmarks Plus channel.

How will I know when new channels are added?

New channels will be added regularly. Watch the “What’s New?” box at the bottom of the my.Biola log-in screen. Major additions will also be noted in the Announcements channel.

I have a great idea for a new channel. How can I contribute a channel or suggest one to my.Biola?

Submit an “Idea” through the “Help+Feedback” tab. Your idea will be read and responded to by the my.Biola team.

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