my.Biola is Biola’s new web portal—your personalized, first connection into Biola’s online tools, services, data, and community. my.Biola allows university members to have secure, single sign-on access to applications and services for their distinct roles. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni have access to a thriving educational and community services resource—anytime, anywhere.

my.Biola is also a key part of our internal Biola communications, alongside (for staff) and (for students). It serves as a primary source for campus announcements and news, group communication, and also your private, password-protected data, like finances, grades, etc. It also has the ability to automatically filter the announcements, news, and event info you receive, helping to reduce information overload and ensure you get only the stuff that’s pertinent to you.

Logging In

You can access my.Biola with your NetID and password.

What does the system do?

my.Biola provides a number of features designed to help you interact more effectively with the Biola community.

  • Announcements: You can now receive two types of announcements. Campus Announcements will be important information that is deemed necessary to send to all members of the Biola community; staff, faculty, and students. Personal Announcements will be ‘targeted’ in nature; they will be sent to you based on your role here at Biola (based on your job, department, major, etc.) or any groups or organizations you have joined or subscribed to (athletics news, music dept. news, res hall news, chess club news, etc.). This is intended to minimize ‘information overload’ so that you receive only announcements pertinent to you and your interests.
  • Banner Direct Access: Banner (Biola’s ERP operating system) controls Biola’s accounting, registration and records, human resources, purchasing, admissions, and financial aid operations. If your job requires you to interact with Banner or view Banner data, my.Biola provides SSO (single sign-on) access to all Banner systems that is secure, personalized, and easy to use.
  • Collected Information: my.Biola also provides viewing access to Inside Story (for employees) and StudentLife (for students) without having to open another tab or window.
  • Portal Access: while we are transitioning from the ‘old portal’ to my.Biola, we don’t want you to lose any functions or services, so there is a tab that contains the ‘old Portal’ and all its functionality, without you having to sign in again.
  • Group Studio. Replacing the BUBBS ‘conferences,’ this application allows for the creation of online groups, each with their own homepage and resources like photo albums, Internet links, news articles, message boards, chat rooms, and calendars. To access the Groups application, click the Groups icon that appears near the top of the page.
  • Message boards. The system provides a message board for each group for which you are a member. To access group message boards, open the Groups application and access a group for which you are a member.

During the next several months, we expect to activate the following services:

  • Calendar [students only]. A Web-based calendar application that you can use to create and manage personal calendars, as well as receiving events from any groups or organizations you have joined or subscribed to. Your Calendar will be on your Student tab.
  • Chat. The system provides a chat room for each group for which you are a member. To access group chat room, open the Groups application and access a group for which you are a member.
  • Workflows: The Banner system allows us to create streamlined, digitized processes that save time and paper; Purchase Orders, Employee Reviews, and other processes will soon be online, with information (and automated reminders) flowing digitally across campus without waiting for campus mail delivery.
  • In addition, we will be developing a system to allow departments and other campus organizations to create and send targeted announcements, and to create and maintain their own channels.

In addition to these applications, the system allows you to customize your user layout to: - Add, remove, and rearrange tabs - Add, remove, and rearrange channels - Certain key tabs and channels will be ‘locked’ (cannot be moved or deleted) to keep critical information accessible to all members of the Biola community.

Every time you log in to the system, your tab and channel preferences are preserved. For more information on how to customize your user layout, click open the Portal folder located in the Help Index Menu and click through the topics that it provides.

What about

We are in the process of transferring many functions from the old Portal to the new my.Biola. If you find a link or channel is missing from, it has probably been relocated to my.Biola.

Feedback and Support

If you have ideas, problems, questions, or praise about my.Biola please leave us a message here. This will be the best place to get answers and give us suggestions for improvements about my.Biola. You can also use the “Help+Feedback” tab in my.Biola.

Before posting a new problem or question, try searching to see if it’s already posted. If it is, you can click on “I have this question/problem too!” and you will automatically be e-mailed when it’s answered/resolved.

Of course, you can still contact the IT Helpdesk or create a ticket online at

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