Employees & Departments

Employees can use dropbox to share individual files via the web. With dropbox you upload files and send a link to download the file to other users on- or off-campus. The service allows for file sizes too large for e-mail to save you space in your e-mail mailbox.

Traditional file sharing is available via the Files network file server. Files functions as a virtual hard drive which you can use to save, share, and manage files and folders. The data stored on Files is backed up every night and is easily restored. The network files server is accessible off campus through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) account (see here for details). Use your NetID and password to login. For information on how to connect to Files, see the details pages, above.


Students get individual storage, called their DigitalLocker, that provides them with 5GB of secure file space. There’s no need to sign up for an account, it’s automatically created for all students. It is active the day they start as a student and deactivated 90 days after they graduate or leave Biola University as a student. DigitalLocker is accessible on- and off-campus. Use your NetID and Portal password to login. For more information on how to connect to DigitalLocker, see the details pages, above

For assistance using either service contact the IT Helpdesk.

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