Government Grants Section 9.62 Dept: Provost's Office Revised: May 1st, 1997

Biola University has had a long standing policy against receiving any direct government funding. "Direct" government funding refers to any government grant to the university or to its employees for which the university must provide accounting and accountability to government regulations. This policy is not only extended to the University but to all of its employees and its instructional programs.

Members of the Biola University faculty may not use their position on the faculty to seek government funding, nor may they receive government funding in support of their university based "instruction" related research.

Faculty are not prohibited, however, from participating in government programs such as the Fulbright Fellowships, or NEH and NEA Fellowships sponsored by and housed in other academic institutions in the United States. Participation in government funded projects outside of the University do not fall within the parameters of this policy.