Fundraising and Grants Section 9.6 Dept: Provost's Office Revised: February 1st, 1995

Fundraising is important for the future of Biola to encourage and facilitate faculty, student, staff, deans, and director fund raising initiatives to generate new monies for the University. To do this effectively, our efforts must be coordinated to insure University integrity and a coordinated, planned effort for fund raising. All fund raising initiatives that anticipate a university donation receipt or solicit on behalf of a Biola University program or project need to follow the process outlined below:

  1. Approval of the project and definition of its relative priority by the vice president responsible for that area.
  2. Approval of the process and definition of prospective funding sources by the Vice President for University Advancement.

Project initiators need to fill out a Project Proposal Form and submit it to the line officers in their area, who will then evaluate the project on the basis of its relationship to the mission of the university, and its potential impact on wider university objectives. Once a project is approved as a priority for that area, the area vice president will submit it to the Vice President for Advancement, who will evaluate its impact on wider university advancement objectives and prospective donors potential.

  1. Signatures of both Vice Presidents are required before a project may be launched.
  2. Policy and Procedure for Foundation Grant Proposals.

In order to facilitate faculty, staff, and dean initiatives, and at the same time to develop a strategic, coherent effort to obtain grant funds to support the mission of Biola University, all grant applications are to be coordinated through the Officer for Foundation Grants. Upon identifying a worthy project and a potential source of funding, the faculty/staff member or dean should submit a pre-proposal information form to that office.

  1. The form will be submitted to the appropriate line officers and the vice president for review and decision regarding the priority of the project.
  2. The form will be submitted to the Vice President for University Advancement for review and decision regarding implications for advancement and coordination of advancement projects.

The purpose of the pre-proposal review form is to insure that all responsible administrators are aware of the commitments and implications for the university, should the proposed grant be funded.

Coordination of final sign-off, authorization by the appropriate administrators, and ultimate submission is the responsibility of the Officer for Foundation Grants.