Office Responsibilities Section 9.13 Dept: Provost's Office Revised: February 1st, 1995


In most cases, each full time faculty member is provided with a single office. In a few instances, the instructor is assigned to share space with another person and/or function. Part-time faculty are not provided offices except on a group or shared basis.

Furniture and Equipment

Office furniture and equipment provided by the University is not to be removed from one office to another without the consent of the dean.

Requests for office furniture or equipment are to be submitted in writing to the dean for approval. Compliance with a request is dependent on the budget. Requests for repair of office furniture and equipment or maintenance are to be sent in writing to the office of the dean for approval and forwarded to the Physical Plant Department. Emergencies can be communicated first by telephone.

Student Advising

Guidance is an essential part of the educational process. Faculty advising of students should assist students to have adequate information for academic decision-making. Advisement should also help students to recognize their own problems, to assemble information for the intelligent consideration of their problems, and to determine a course of action for their satisfactory solution. The ultimate goal of such guidance is that students may experience growth towards maturity. Faculty need to be sensitive to individual differences of students and to recognize the need for confidentiality in dealing with student problems.

An effective adviser will establish a rapport with the student, exhibit a personal interest in the student's life and a sympathetic attitude toward the student's problems.

It is not presumed that faculty members will be able to meet the needs of every one of the counselees in each of the fields of guidance: social, emotional, physical, spiritual, educational, and vocational. For this reason there are specific counselors to whom the student may be referred when special difficulties are encountered.

Secretarial Help

Departments have secretarial help available for school business. Faculty members wishing secretarial time must make arrangement for such time through the respective department chairperson or dean.

Duplicating Procedures

Whenever feasible, teaching materials should be prepared for continued use in subsequent semesters. Two types of duplicating methods are available for the faculty's use:

Duplicating Center: This is a high speed duplicating service offered to all Biola University faculty, staff and students for university related duplicating.

The duplicating center offers "next day" service (in by 3:00 p.m., out by 9:00 a.m.) if the job does not require bindery work or padding and if it is brought to the center before 3:00 p.m. For large orders or special projects please call ahead for scheduling.

If a class syllabus is needed, be aware of the deadlines and requirements set up by the Duplicating Center and Bookstore. This will help insure that faculty and students will be able to receive a copy of the syllabus at the beginning of the course. If there are questions concerning the preparation of original copies to be printed, contact the duplicating center.

Duplicating service is available for 8 1/2" x 11" and 8" x 14" size copies. Transparencies for classroom use can also be provided by the Duplicating Center upon request.

Photocopiers: Photocopiers for faculty use are currently located in the following areas: Metzger Hall (upper level, Admissions and Records-middle level and lower level); Library (main floor and periodicals); Marshburn Hall (lobby); Sutherland Hall (room 211); Communication Department (McNally), Media Center, Myers (2nd floor), and Feinberg.

These copiers may be used providing that one does not wish to make more than twenty-five (25) copies of any one item. Larger jobs may be handled more inexpensively by the Duplicating Center.

For billing purposes, each photocopy machine will require either an access code (available through your department) or an access card.

Personal copies may be made by obtaining a personal access code number from Information Systems. You will be billed once a month at 7¢ for each copy made.


Stamped outgoing mail is picked up daily. Stamped, house, and metermail should be handled through the department secretary.

All inter-office mail should be enclosed in the regulation envelopes designated for inter-office mail, rather than University stationery envelopes.

All department secretaries should have the home addresses and phone numbers of all faculty members for forwarding purposes (e.g. vacation, leave of absence, etc.)

For further details on mail procedures, please consult with Postal Services.

Equipment and Supplies

A complete line of office and stationery supplies may be obtained through the Central Stores. Your department should have an updated catalog and Central Supply order forms available for your use.

If the item(s) you need is not available through Central Stores, a buyer in the purchasing division of Purchasing is prepared to assist you in researching, if necessary, and ordering your particular product(s). They have access to many resources and are very often able to save you money and the time-consuming task of research and ordering.

Your request for equipment or supplies from other than stock must be entered on a purchase requisition form and must have the correct account number and proper approvals before it will be processed. Department secretaries should have a supply of these forms or they may be obtained from Purchasing.

If you should desire to discuss your particular need with the buyer, please call for an appointment. No purchases are to be made without prior consultation with Purchasing and authorization by the appropriate Dean or Department Head.