Sabbatical and Seventh Semester Leaves Section 8.6 Dept: Provost's Office Revised: August 1st, 2014

Sabbatical Leaves

Sabbatical leaves are granted for the purpose of study, research, writing, or other activities that will contribute significantly to the on-going professional growth and competency of the faculty member. A faculty member is eligible to apply to the school faculty personnel committee for a sabbatical leave to be effective after six years of full-time service as a member of the faculty here. The school committee transmits its recommendation for approval or disapproval to the school dean for final decision. The timing of the leave must be compatible with needs of both the applicant and the department.

Seventh Semester

This Fellowship is designed to encourage the mutual integration of the faculty member's faith and academic discipline. It is intended to support sustained contributions by Biola University faculty to contemporary scholarly and intellectual debates which engage Christian perspectives and worldview or to applied research, the results of which enhance the equipping of Christian leaders for service.

This program is distinguished from the existing research sabbatical program in three ways: (1) a faculty member will be eligible for this program after six semesters rather than after six years; (2) the publication which will result from this program will be integrative in nature and will contribute to contemporary intellectual/scholarly debates or issues of applied ministry that concern the evangelical community; (3) qualification for the grant requires a clear record of prior research and publication and a substantial plan of research which can realistically be completed during the grant period.

Applications for the Seventh Semester Fellowship should be submitted for peer review to the dean of the school within which the faculty member is enrolled.

Terms and Conditions

Remuneration for both sabbatical and seventh semester leaves is full salary for 1 semester or 1/2 salary for one year. The applicant agrees to return to the faculty for a period of at least 2 years after the expiration of the leave or to refund the money paid during the leave. A faculty member may apply for a seventh semester leave, and if granted, then six semesters later apply for a sabbatical leave or an additional seventh semester leave. The dean informs the Provost of his or her approval of the leave and forwards the leave contract to the Provost's Office. At the conclusion of the seventh semester or the sabbatical leave, a comprehensive report of accomplishment is to be made in writing to the appropriate faculty personnel committee with a copy made available to the school dean and the Provost. Both grants are awarded on the basis of the quality of the faculty member's proposal and performance. Neither is an "entitlement" for time of service. The sabbatical and seventh semester leave cannot be stacked. One can apply for one or the other but not both at the same time. Final approval is granted by the dean and funded from school budgets.