Faculty Appointment Section 8.2 Dept: Provost's Office Revised: July 22nd, 2013

Initial Appointment

The Board of Trustees makes initial appointment of faculty upon recommendation of the search committe chairperson, dean, Provost and President.  The dean is ultimately responsible for the faculty search process.  He/she normally delegates the working responsibility to the department chairperson who coordinates the participation of faculty within the discipline or department and, whenever appropriate, of persons from other disciplines as well.  Initial rank and level within rank are decided by the dean in consultation with the department chairperson (or where there is no separate chair or department, with the school’s faculty personnel committee) and with the approval of the Provost.  The initial appointment is for one academic year, as are all faculty appointments prior to tenure.  The appointment letter will include designation as to whether it is on the tenure track or the non-tenure track.

Determining Rank of Initial Appointment

The following gives the years of teaching or equivalent service required for appointment and promotion to rank:

Instructor:  Non Terminal Graduate Degree

Assistant Professor:  Earned Terminal Degree

Associate Professor:  At least five years as a full-time faculty member is the minimum in order to be considered.

Fulll Professor:  At least ten years as a full-time faculty member is the minimum in order to be considered.

A copy of the appointment letter containing all information pertaining to the basis for hiring and appointment level (e.g., how past years of teaching, service or work in the profession) have been factored in, should be kept in both the school and department files.  A copy should also be included in the new faculty member’s application packet for his/her first across rank promotion (i.e., the first application that comes to the UPC).