Educational Objectives Section 7.3 Dept: Provost's Office Revised: February 1st, 1995

Biola University seeks to instruct Christian men and women in order to produce graduates who are:

  • Competent in their field of study
  • Knowledgeable in biblical studies
  • Earnest Christians equipped to serve the Christian community and society at large

With particular reference to the undergraduate programs, the intention of the university is to seek to produce a graduate who is:

  • Broadly educated in the arts and sciences with a biblical perspective as the foundation
  • One who has broad exposure to the ideas that have shaped humankind's thinking
  • One who knows how to use reasoning processes: who can use the processes of investigation; who can reason logically; who recognizes that humankind cannot rely on reason and experience alone but must also exercise faith
  • One who has a well conceived system of values and beliefs which are biblically based and which mediate behavior
  • One who can articulate his/her values and beliefs
  • One who understands and appreciates ethnic, cultural and gender differences
  • One who understands himself/herself, has a good self-image and is striving to realize his/her potential
  • One who understands the various creative expressions of humankind's ideas and feelings in art, drama, music and literature

Competent in his/her major.

  • One who is competently prepared for service in those programs that lead directly to a vocation or profession
  • One who is thoroughly prepared for graduate study in those programs where graduate degrees are offered

Knowledgeable in biblical and theological studies.

  • One who has a clear understanding of the content of the Bible commensurate in units with an undergraduate major
  • One who has integrated biblical thought into his/her major fields of interest

Able through his/her vocation, church and community to make distinctive contributions to humankind and to enhance the well-being of those whom and with whom he/she serves.

  • One who has developed and maintained high moral standards for his/her own benefit and in order that he/she might serve as a wholesome example and leader
  • One who expresses through his/her life a clear commitment to Christ, who is able openly and wisely to share both his/her knowledge of the Bible and his/her commitment to Christ with others; and who demonstrates Christian love toward others
  • One who is prepared to fulfill Christ's commission to make disciples of all nations
  • One who is sensitive to the total needs of his/her fellow human beings and who is equipped to contribute to the meeting of those needs
  • One who holds to the conviction that the Christian is to be a good citizen of the State, one who respects authority, submits to the laws of the land and seeks constructive change through legal channels