Credit Union Section 5.8 Dept: Human Resources Revised: October 2nd, 2014

Biola desires to make the services of reputable credit unions available to its employees.  Faculty and staff have the opportunity to save, obtain loans, and engage in other traditional transactions with a recommended credit union, should they so desire.

There are two credit unions available to Biola employees:

  • The Evangelical Christian Credit Union (ECCU)
  • The Credit Union of Southern California  (CUSoCal)

The decision to enter into a financial relationship with either ECCU or CUSoCal is strictly up to the individual employee, and any resulting transactions are between that person and the respective credit union.

As with all other recognized financial institutions, clients of ECCU and CUSoCal may, if they so choose, direct a specified portion of their pay to either credit union via the Direct Deposit program.

Basic Information—CUSoCal

Basic information about CUSoCal, including an application for membership, is available from the Human Resources department.  The individual may also contact CUSoCal directly:

Credit Union of Southern California

901 E. Whittier Boulevard

La Habra, CA 90631



The ATM (Automated Teller Machine) on campus (in the lower level lobby of the Student Union building), is operated and managed by CUSoCal.  Those individuals who are clients of CUSoCal will receive special cards from CUSoCal to use in this ATM and will not be faced with per-transaction service fees while using this machine.  People who use this ATM, but bank at other institutions, will be subject to such fees.

Among the services provided by CUSoCal are savings; share-draft checking and Visa Check Card; Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs); auto loans; home loans; home equity loans; No-Annual-Fee Gold and Visa Classic cards; 24-hour Teller Phone; Spanish-speaking Member Service Representatives; and Home-Banking via your computer and the Internet.

Basic Information—ECCU

Basic Information about ECCU, including an application for membership, is available from the Human Resources department.  The individual may also contact ECCU directly:

Evangelical Christian Credit Union

955 W. Imperial Hwy.

P.O. Box 2400

Brea, CA 92822-2400

Telephone: (714) 671-5700 (from outside of California, call 1-800-634-3228)

Fax: (714) 671-5775


ECCU exists for the purpose of supporting Christian organizations, such as missionary organizations.  Individuals wishing to save money through ECCU may wish to do so knowing that they are helping support such organizations.  However, one key difference between ECCU and SWFCU that Biola employees should be aware of is that ECCU does not provide loans and certain other traditional credit union services to individual members.

Individuals wishing to know specific details of the services that are available to them from either credit union are encouraged to contact those organizations directly for the most up-to-date information.