Student Employment Section 2.9 Dept: Human Resources Revised: September 12th, 2010

Job Posting

How to post an on campus student job:


  1. Sign into with your Net ID and password 
  2. Click the "Student Jobs" tab on the upper right corner on the screen
  3. Click "Post an Ad" (Some fields will be automatically filled but you will be able to make necessary changes in those fields)
  4. Once all the required fields are filled out, click "Continue to step 2 to preview your listing" and review the form that you filled out
  5. Click "Post to Job Board" to post the job
How to edit an on-campus student job posting:
  1.  Sign into with your net ID and password
  2. Click the "Student Jobs" tab on the upper right corner of the screen
  3. Click on the job you want to edit (only the creator of the job can edit the job posting) and scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Edit"
  4. Make necessary changes and click "Save Changes"
How to close an on-campus student job posting:
  1. Sign into with your Net ID and password
  2. Click the "Student Jobs" tab on the upper right corner of the screen
  3. Click on the job you want to close (only the creator of the job can close the job posting) and scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Close" 

Non-Discrimination Statement

Biola University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ethnic group identification, sex, age, or physical or mental disability.  All employees must demonstrate a spiritual attitude, in harmony with the methods and goals of the university.  It is Biola’s policy to recruit, hire, and promote, within all job classifications, on the basis of merit, qualification, competence, attitude, and spiritual commitment.  This applies to all categories of employment.

Hiring Requirements

Once a student has been selected to fill a position, the supervisor completes their portion of a Student Hiring Authorization Form, which the student brings to Human Resources.  The student will be required to complete the following:

  1. Student Hiring Authorization
  2. I-9 Form
  3. W-4 Form
  4. MPN Form (Medical Provider Network Form)

The Student Hiring Authorization Form generates the payroll process and defines which students will be eligible to participate in Biola’s Commuter Incentive Program.  At the student’s request (by checking the appropriate box), this form is also given to Financial Aid to determine whether or not the student qualifies for the Federal Work Study Program.  Beyond this, the form provides a permanent record of work, which is useful for employment verifications.

An I-9 Form must be completed at the beginning of the employment period, if the student has not worked on campus before or if it has been more than three years since the time of initial hire at the university.  It is the supervisor’s responsibility to instruct the student to go to Human Resources to complete this mandatory federal form and to provide documentation that will show that the student is eligible to work in the United States.  There are a number documents the student can use.  Some of the most common are a U.S. passport; driver’s license, and social security card; or driver’s license and birth certificate.  Human Resources is required, by law, to review original documents that show eligibility to work.  No copies or faxes will be accepted.  In addition to the above-mentioned documentation, F-1 Non-Immigrant students are required to bring their passports and I-20s.

A W-4 Form must be completed at the beginning of the employment period.  If a student claims “exempt,” a new W-4 Form must be completed with every new calendar year.  All international students working on campus must complete the W-4 Form every new calendar year, as well.

Once these forms have been completed, On-Campus Student Employment will issue a golden ticket, signifying that the student is now approved to begin work.  Student employees are instructed to show the golden ticket to their supervisors.  After conducting the safety training on the employee's first day of work, the supervisor will return the Safety Agreement Form to the Occupational Safety Coordinator.  Students may not work until these requirements are completed.

Employee Relationship

Students are temporary employees of Biola University.  Employment is at will, for both the student employee and Biola.  This means that a student may quit at any time, with or without notice, and Biola may terminate a student's employment at any time, with or without notice.  There is no promise that employment will continue for a set period of time, nor is there any promise that a student's employment will be terminated only under particular circumstances.  No employee or representative of Biola, other than the President of Biola, has authority to enter into any employment agreement for any specified period of time or to make any agreement contrary to the foregoing.

Maximum Hours & Breaks

Students are limited to working up to 25 hours per week, when class is in session and 32 hours per week, when classes are not in session.  Federal law prohibits non-immigrant students, attending Biola on F-1 visas, to work on campus more than 20 hours per week when classes are in session, and more than 32 hours a week when classes are not in session.

Any employee working a 4-hour shift is entitled to a 10 minute, paid break.  Students are not permitted to work more than 5 hours per day without an unpaid meal break of at least 30 minutes.  However, if the total work period for the day is not more than six hours, then the meal period may be waived by mutual consent between the student employee and the supervisor.


According to federal and state law, a record showing the time worked must be kept for all non-exempt employees.  With this in mind, each hourly student employee is required to fill in a timecard each day.  The timecard should reflect the exact hours at work, total number of hours worked each day, and a summary of total hours worked per week.  Student timecards are due bi-weekly in the On-Campus Student Employment Office.  For students who work Monday through Friday, timecards are due by 4:30 p.m. on the Friday before the pay period ends, unless otherwise noted.  For students who work on the weekend, timecards are due on the Monday morning after the pay period ends.  All time cards received after 12:00 noon on Monday will be considered late and subject to a $25.00 late fee.  Timecards should be completed in blue or black ink and include the student’s full name, signature, student ID number, and period ending date (always Sunday).  Time cards must show the hour that work started and ended each day, as well as the total hours worked for the day.  If a student works more than 40 hours in a week or 8 hours in a day, the hours in excess must be put in the overtime column.  In addition, if a student employee works every day, Monday through Sunday, any time worked on that Sunday must be recorded and paid as overtime.  Timecards must be completed be in blue or black ink.  Supervisors are advised to carefully check that their student timecards are accurately filled out, before signing their approval and filling in the department name and account number.

Safety Training

In order to comply with Senate Bill 198, as it applies to student employees, each department will be responsible for conducting the appropriate safety training for new student workers on their first day of employment.  Training information for indoor and outdoor jobs, as well as the Student Employee Safety Agreement Form, are available in the Resources section of the WaterCooler.  The Supervisor, or designated employee, instructs each new student in proper safety practices for his/her job.  The form will be signed by both the instructor and the student and returned with the student's first timecard to Student Employment.

Resignation & Termination

When a student resigns, graduates, or when the supervisor terminates the employment of a student, the Student Hiring Authorization Form, terminating the student, must be completed and sent to the Student Employment Office.  This form is used for hires, transfers, rate changes, and terminations.  At the end of the spring semester, all student employees are automatically terminated.  The supervisor must turn in a new Student Hiring Authorization Form to rehire a student who will work in the summer.

Graduation of Student Employee

To continue employment for a student who has graduated, both the Staff Job Requisition and the Hiring Authorization Forms must be submitted to the Human Resources department.  The employee must also fill out a Staff Application Form.  Completion of these forms will change the status of the employee from student employee to staff employee.  International students may not work after they graduate.