Resignations Section 2.8 Dept: Human Resources Revised: March 7th, 2007

If you decide to leave the employ of Biola University, you should complete a Resignation Notice form, present a copy of the form to your supervisor, and return the original to Human Resources.  If you wish, you may, in addition, write and present a personal letter of resignation to your supervisor.  (If you would like this letter added to your personnel file, you may attach a copy to your completed Resignation Notice.)

It is helpful for Human Resources to receive the resignation form two weeks before your last day of work so that the associated administrative processes in the Human Resources and Payroll departments can be completed in an orderly fashion.

The official date of termination of employment is the last day worked or, for employees under contract, the last day of the contract.  All employment benefits end on the date of termination, with the exception of medical insurance coverage, which will continue through the end of the month in which employment terminates and will then cease, unless the employee signs up for continuation of medical or medical and dental insurance under the COBRA provisions (see section 5.21).  Employees on maternity or other medical leaves of absence who plan to terminate employment will continue to retain employee status and benefits throughout the medically-necessary leave of absence, in accordance with the provisions of the leave of absence policy (see section 2.6).

The departing employee should contact Human Resources to schedule an exit interview.  These interviews routinely take from 30 minutes to 1 hour and should be conducted prior to the employee’s last day, when the day’s schedule can be hectic.

An 02 employee should complete his/her final time card one week in advance of his/her last day (anticipating the hours that will be worked up to and including that last day), have his/her supervisor sign it, and turn it in to Human Resources, so that Human Resources can work with Payroll to have the employee’s final paycheck ready for pickup in Accounting, after 3:00 p.m. on that last day.  Such final checks are not direct deposited, even if the employee has been on direct deposit, nor are they mailed.  Similarly, 01 employees should turn in their current Exempt Employee Paid Leave Records, signed by their supervisors, a week prior to their final day, so they may pick up their checks that last day.

For all employees terminating employment (01 and 02), any accrued but not yet taken vacation will be paid.  This money will be included in the person’s final paycheck.

A departing employee should hand in their Employee Handbook binder to Human Resources.

Also, any Biola keys that an employee has should be handled in accordance with section 6.33, Administration of Keys.