Purpose of Handbook Section 1.1 Dept: Human Resources Revised: April 18th, 2007

Every employee should read and become familiar with the contents of the Biola University Employee Handbook.  The handbook is for informational purposes only and provides a summary of many of the key policies, procedures, and benefits of the university.  While an effort is made to maintain the accuracy of the handbook, the university reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate any of the policies, procedures, and/or benefits described in the handbook, with or without prior notice to employees.  The contents of this handbook are not conditions of employment and do not constitute a contract between Biola University and its employees.

The handbook is divided into six sections of related information.  Each section consists of subsections, for ease of reference.  For example, section 5 contains information about employee benefits.  Within this section, the various benefits are each designated by a subsection number (e.g., information about vacation time is located in section 5.1).  Using this system of numbering allows for timely updating of policies and the timely addition of sections, as new areas are addressed.

Online Employee Handbook

The employee handbook is also available online at www.biola.edu/ehandbook.  The online handbook is fully searchable, and is the main distribution mechanism for updated sections.  Updates to the handbook will be posted on the home page and site visitors can download inserts for their employee handbook binders.  Use of the online version of the handbook is highly encouraged; however, if you would like to receive a paper version, please contact Training and Development at extension 4766.